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The Power of Love compassion & connection happy coaching Feb 18, 2023

20 years ago, when I was in the corporate world, there was no place for a discussion of the power of love. But now, it’s an understood dynamic in corporations, organizations and groups all...

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Alkaline Yourself Happier... happy coaching healthy habits Feb 18, 2023

There has been a lot of research over recent years indicating that disease cannot grow in an alkaline environment. And as such, many health professionals have been recommending the focus on keeping...

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What’s Your Best Life Look Like? happy hack intention & imagination Feb 18, 2023

Learn How to Create a Living Vision for Your Best Life

This life-coaching strategy I learned during my Masters in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica.[1]

A Living Vision is...

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If you're curious why you need to Feel Your Dam Feelings?! Feb 10, 2023

Can you imagine being denied to be an Ordained Minister because you were a woman? Being strung along in decades of 'training'...and denied...three times.

No one would blame you for having...

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Listen Up if 2023 is Kickin' Your Ass So Far... Feb 03, 2023

Hi Friends!

I can't tell you how many clients, friends and others have shared with me How Freakin' Hard this year has been so far

I love to share what I'm seeing across almost ALL of my 1on1...

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Are You Ready to Show UP for Your Calling? Jan 19, 2023


I'm called again to lead another Sacred7 Group Program.

For the last 6 months I have been called to go inward. To focus on my own healing, to take care of myself through this time of...

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OPEN Alignment Calls All January and February 2023 Jan 11, 2023

WEEKLY Alignment Calls for Living Your Calling: Start Your Week with Clarity AND Courage!

RSVP Now to receive reminders for free access for Upcoming Alignment Calls!

Location: Online via...

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Learn How to Align Your Life: Start Your Week with Clarity & Courage Jan 04, 2023

Just 10 Minutes to Align You with Your Highest Life and Your Current Calling

This is the step-by-step experience we use every Monday in our FREE Open Alignment Calls. It is designed to be done...

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We’re Here to Do Less and Receive MORE Dec 18, 2022

Have you ever received more, when you've given less?

Some might call it grace. I call it letting go and letting Love. I call it allowing Love.

When we let go of what we think we ...

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How to Fall in Love – NEW Video Training Dec 10, 2022

In September we facilitated the workshop: 'Learning How to Fall in Love'.

We have just turned into into an On Demand Video Training.

In this 2-Hour Class we dive deeply into the core experience...

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3 Habits Workshop FREE Through 2022 Nov 29, 2022

It's simple. Just head to and use code: GIFT100 to access the workshop for free!

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Free Forever Access to the Allowing.Love™ Dashboard Nov 23, 2022

The last few weeks I have been under a spell...
the most intoxicating and lovely call into something NEW

As you may know...
I do my best not to MAKE decisions from thinking: from my head...
but to ...

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The 2 Magic Words for Loving Relationships Nov 04, 2022

Stop Fixing. Start Listening.
And Learn these 2 Magic Words

The most healing thing we can do when someone expresses a challenge is to simply BE with them – to love them IN the challenge...

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3-Day Workshop in Ventura Oct 28, 2022

You Are Invited to Heal What’s Holding You Back

Eric and I have been called to lead a 3-day workshop here in Ventura in November: 18th - 20th.

'Healing What Holds You...

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The Lumieres
Feeling for Healing
Feeling for Healing Oct 28, 2022

DROPPING INTO HEALING – Emotional Alchemy.

We’ll be exploring: 

  • Expressing our Emotions is a Powerful Access Point for Clearing the Unconscious
  • Our Emotional Challenges Today...
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Better Than Hustling and Working Hard Oct 20, 2022

Shannon Shares About Allowing Love... it's Like Uncoaching

In Allowing.Love™ we are invited to open to success and fulfillment through letting go and trusting... rather than hustling and...

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The Lumieres
Learning How to Allow the Spirit to Move You.
Learning How to Allow the Spirit to Move You. Oct 20, 2022

Taking Aligned Action – Allowing the Spirit to Move Us

A lot of people get confused that “Allowing Love” practices are only passive and don’t include taking action.

So today...

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Are You Walking Your Talk... ? Oct 14, 2022

This Might Become Your Most Powerful Antidote Too...

If you are currently in the process of sharing your work, your gifts, your business, your art, your project etc... I encourage you that whenever...

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The Key to Conscious Manifestation ✨ Oct 07, 2022

The 1 Key that Gurus Seem to Agree On

Conscious or Spiritual Manifestation is VERY different to what most people understand as "Manifestation" (Magnetic or Physical-First Manifestation).

There is 1...

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Horses 🐴 , Huskies 🐺 and Huge Healing ❤️‍🩹 Oct 03, 2022

This morning I sat on the deck, while Kahlua the horse, and Fenix my husky did not leave my side as I cried and rewired a profound and pivotal moment from my childhood

More than ever I'm aware...

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I was desperate to weight 111 pounds Sep 21, 2022

I chuckled and just felt so grateful when I got onto the scales at the gym this morning, and saw that magic dream number looking up at me. “111 pounds.”

I desperately wanted to weigh...

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Transformative Self-Compassion Sep 21, 2022

Transforming your dysfunctional patterns and addictions with Self-Compassion

 SCIENCE is now showing... through multiple researchers... that Self-Compassion is the most MOTIVATING and...

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The 3 Top Things to Do if you wanna Fall in Love Sep 09, 2022

Do These 3 Things to Fall in Love

If you’re called to find the one… to Allow the One into your life… we encourage and support these 3 things.

But perhaps MORE than these 3...

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Unrequited Love Story Sep 08, 2022

Unrequited love is painful.

I was in love with my boss when I worked at McDonalds as an Aussie 16 year old. He didn’t love me back.

And then I was in love with my boss when I was a headhunter...

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