Better Than Hustling and Working Hard

Oct 20, 2022

Shannon Shares About Allowing Love... it's Like Uncoaching

In Allowing.Love™ we are invited to open to success and fulfillment through letting go and trusting... rather than hustling and working hard.

This adventure hasn't been a 'natural' one for me.

I'm wired to work hard and to hustle. I'm great at it. And I 'get' results.

But I also 'get' addicted, exhausted and stressed when I live my life this way.

Learning how to relax, let go and Allow Love takes time, patience and great compassion and love for ourselves.

This approach helps us relax and enjoy all that we HAVE NOW. AND... is also the most powerful way TO manifest what's NEXT.

Allow Shannon to share with you how Allowing.Love™ helped me create through Love, rather than through the push and planning of her ego.

*"Being in the group was an amazing experience! It’s online so I wasn’t sure if we’d have the kind of connection because we weren’t in the same room. Some people were across the country. I was really surprised at what intimacy, depth and the level of support and friendship we were able to achieve all online (via Zoom video conferencing). It was a really phenomenal experience. It’s almost as if 15-300 of the spiritual and self-help books I’ve read went from my head and into my heart. It came into more of a practice. This was so different for me than other coaching programs. I call Zoe’s program ‘the uncoaching program’, because it’s not straight forward. You don’t go after, hustle and follow your dreams hard. It’s more you soften, open and allow your dream to become present.**So in a way you stop doing things, which doesn’t make sense…*it’s the opposite of what you think coaching is. But in my experience it’s been even more powerful to open up to what’s present. At the end of the program I can say I have started an entire fashion line of TShirts, Socks, Tote bags, with a full production line and a staff of 3. When I started I didn’t know what business I wanted to create… so to have allowed all of this so quickly is pretty remarkable."

We are planning on launching our next Immersion in February!

You can learn more about it here –

And in the meantime, dive deeply into the free resources we have available here.

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