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Jan 19, 2023


I'm called again to lead another Sacred7 Group Program.

For the last 6 months I have been called to go inward. To focus on my own healing, to take care of myself through this time of transition.

And I am now SO EXCITED to share that I am being called to serve 6 Souls in a group program starting the end of February 2023. 

I do already have 3 people committed. Schedule a phone chat with me here if you'd like to learn more and see if you might be a fit:

Sacred7 Support with Zoë:
Live Your Calling & Clear Your Core Karma

This program is limited to 6 people, and is over 4 months.
All program sessions will be completed over Zoom.
There will be optional homework.


$333/month x 4 months • Or $1200 if Paid in Full in Feb

Group Sessions

2 Group Coaching Sessions Every Month that will be 2 hours in length.
So that's a total of 8 Group Sessions: 1 in February, 2 in March, April and May, and 1 in June.
Group Sessions will be a mix of group sharing - where Zoë will work 1on1 with each participant to support them in clearing, healing and moving forward.
Most sessions will also have some partner exercises - where participants will be partnered into Zoom breakout rooms to complete a series of questions, in service to both personal healing, and receiving clarity and courage for your calling.
Group Sessions will be scheduled at a time that works for all 6 enrolled participants.

Program Focus

The focus of the 4 month program is around 2 core experiences:
#1 – Living Your Calling
#2 – Clearing Your Core Karma

In #1 – Living Your Calling... we will be focusing on:

• Your daily habits that are supporting you in connecting with Spirit and your Authentic Self (including morning practice).
• Consistently receiving clear inner direction for your life, your dreams, your relationships and your calling.
• A clearer awareness of the specific experiences Spirit is calling you to receive in your life at this time.
• How to transform and clear fear, anxiety, doubt and overwhelm as you show up for your callings.

In #2 – Clearing Your Core Karma... we will be focussed on:

• Learning how to feel our emotions for healing and clearing.
• How to transform fear, anxiety, doubt and overwhelm into the energy that it is for moving forward and creation.
• Reviewing our greatest challenges earlier in life, in service to clearing our core karmic blocks and patterns.
• Growing in clear awareness of how our greatest challenges are guiding us to our unique Spiritual Gifts in support of our calling.

BONUS Discount on 1on1 Sessions

Usually my 1on1 sessions are $307 for 90 minutes... but if folks ALSO want a 1on1 with me they can get that extra support for $150 for 90 minutes.

Schedule a phone chat with Dr. Zoë Lumiere if you'd like to learn more and see if you might be a fit:

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