Are You Walking Your Talk... ?

Oct 14, 2022

This Might Become Your Most Powerful Antidote Too...

If you are currently in the process of sharing your work, your gifts, your business, your art, your project etc... I encourage you that whenever you start to question yourself:

How can I be better?
How can I share more?
How can I do more to get the outcomes I want?!

I encourage you to let go of that ego, that mind energy, that push and pressure...

And just relax and focus on walking your talk more.
If you're sharing about painting... paint more.
If you're sharing about healing... focus on your OWN healing more.

Whenever I get into that place I've usually fallen into ego and the best way back into that clear line of Service is through walking my talk.

This has become a bit of an antidote for me and it works really well. But my mind keeps falling into... I need to be better, to do more, to find the new fancy internet marketing trick!

I believe that your own intuition: your own inner compass is going to work BETTER than that...

But you've got to use those gifts that Spirit has given you... to help you unpack your own path.

WATCH the above shared via Video [1 minute] 👈 

If this resonates, consider reading through and really taking in the Conscious Manifestation guide and slowly and sacredly answering the short series of questions posed in that guide. 

The key is so simple. Stop living for the outcome, for the destination, for the reward.

And start living for the joy of it, for the journey, for living and enjoying in THIS present moment IS it's OWN reward!

But as much as we can all agree that that sounds great... how hard is that to do all your waking hours.

If you're like me, another human being, you fall into caring about outcomes, and giving into the sneaky push, pressure and manipulation from our ego.

The Conscious Manifestation Guide might help you more consistently get in a groove each morning of truly living FOR the Journey and the JOY... not the destination and the outcome. 

If you do... you will find that the Spirit is able to more effectively support you manifest gracefully.

Let me know how it goes!
I'd love to hear.

I love you all xo.

OPEN Key for Conscious Manifestation PDF 👈 

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