Feeling for Healing

Oct 28, 2022
The Lumieres
Feeling for Healing

DROPPING INTO HEALING – Emotional Alchemy.

We’ll be exploring: 

  • Expressing our Emotions is a Powerful Access Point for Clearing the Unconscious
  • Our Emotional Challenges Today guide us in Healing the Past
  • Clearing our Human Limitations, Requires that We Allow Ourselves to Express Humanly, or Imperfectly
  • We FEEL to learn what we NEED: NOT to fix, solve or transform anything
  • We DROP into our Humanity to LIFT more FULLY into Spirit

Last month we talked about LIFTing into Spirit.

This month we’re talking about DROPping into our humanity… SO that we can lift more FULLY into Spirit.

And we’re going to be talking in the context of taking advantage of the challenges that Spirit presents to us.

“Our challenges aren’t IN the way… they ARE the way.” 

This month we’re going to be looking at how can we use our emotional challenges: our emotional imbalance; as a clear path for healing and transforming.

When we are challenged and we allow ourselves to drop into our feelings… we gain access to our unconscious through our irrational, illogical emotional experiences.

Expressing our Emotions is a Powerful Access Point for Clearing the Unconscious

So what’s the big deal with gaining access to our unconscious?
Why is it valuable to use our emotions to access our unconscious?

Some of our greatest transformational shifts can be achieved by clearing our unconscious blocks: our blind spots, the patterns where we DO know WHAT to do to move forward… we just DON’T!

Some of the biggest shifts that have created lasting and monumental shifts in my life have been through dropping into my feelings, to clear unconscious blocks by releasing the misbeliefs that were unconsciously held.

Many health practitioners now believe the unresolved emotions are at the heart of many, if not all, dis-ease. “At the core of every symptom, every stress, every disease, are emotions that are buried into our subconscious mind.” DR. DARREN WEISSMAN

For example, for 20 years I knew I didn’t want to overeat and purge… and yet I did! For 20 years.

I tried lifting into Spirit, and using affirmations, and mindset, and positive thinking, and loving self-talk and a whole range of ways to LIFT mentally into Spirit… but that didn’t shift this pattern of bulimia for me.

It wasn’t until I finally allowed myself to feel and really give a voice to my emotions around this issue, that I released this pattern. It was through allowing my emotions to express that I became aware of what I REALLY needed… and it wasn’t food! But until I let myself really feel some of those very irrational and painful experiences from my past, I unconsciously kept reaching to food for the Love I really needed.

By dropping into my hurt feelings and expressing them freely, I was able to hear that parts of me didn’t feel loved or lovable in the past. And in allowing them to be completely seen, heard, and loved… they energetically received the Love they needed… effectively releasing the pattern that was habitually reaching to food for Love.

It was of course no coincidence that I started to overeat and develop bulimia when I was 14: the age I was when my Mum died, after a 3 year battle with cancer. As I began to express my hurt and pain within, I would be transported back to memories and feelings from when I was 14.

By feeling the hurt and pain of my present life, I was led back to unresolved moments of hurt in my past, and I got to love and heal these experiences.

Our Emotional Challenges Today Guide Us in Healing the Past

In allowing ourselves to feel whatever hurt feelings come up today, we can awaken to pivotal moments in the past.

In this process, we often become aware of those misbeliefs that we bought into at that time, and self-forgiveness is a powerful tool for releasing them.

In the example I shared above, I was aware of many misbeliefs that were so untrue… and so irrational!

But in expressing my hurt freely and in an uncensored way… in releasing and allowing that emotional energy… these misbeliefs or lies that I was buying into just poured out of my mouth. I remember saying:
“It’s my fault that my Mum died… I should have done more to save her.” And it was so liberating and empowering to see “Wow! I’ve been believing that it was my fault for not doing more to save my Mum! And I was unconsciously feeling not worthy of Love cause I couldn’t save my Mum from dying!”

Prior to that if you had asked me if I felt bad about not saving my Mum from dying, I would have said don’t be stupid! I was 12 years old! I don’t feel bad about NOT saving my Mum from dying. But in giving my voice to my deep hurt and sadness, it was so clearly within – locked in my unconscious. And it was so powerful to release those misbeliefs, to let them go, and to feel my lovability just expand.

After becoming aware of that one, and letting it go, I so clearly remember feeling like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I felt Light, free, and happy.

Self-forgiveness can be a profoundly powerful part of this emotional healing journey. However sometimes in my experience, we do not have to be consciously aware of the specific misbeliefs that we are dissolving. And by applying the energy of our Loving to those parts of our humanity that were hurt: in some way buying into the misbelief of some version of unlovability, our love releases that block and rewires that part back into the wholeness of who we are in our Loving.

I use this principle of Spiritual Psychology as one of my most powerful bottom-lines in doing this work: “Healing is the application of Loving to the places that hurt.”

Consider that the challenges in your life: particularly the charged emotional challenges, may be coming up in your life at this time as an opportunity to:

  • heal past hurts, unresolved grief and trauma ,
  • dis-ease (health challenges),
  • patterns and addictions,
  • karma,
  • and almost any human limitation you can think of.

And I often encourage us to show up in our imagination, and our unlimited clear intention to Love and Mother ourselves.

A mother isn’t given a guidebook for loving her child. It’s within. That loving, caring direction is a part of who she is spiritually.

And so it is with ourselves. Sometimes we don’t need a particular technique for loving and releasing our hurt feelings. If we can treat ourselves with unlimited compassion and unconditional loving – it’s that spiritual energy that clears, heals and releases our blocks.

Allow yourself to be open to the unlimited power of your own loving in this way. 

Just be open. Allow miracles of loving.

Clearing our Human Limitations Requires that We Allow Ourselves to Express Humanly, or Imperfectly

In order to access our unconscious through our emotions, we need to let go of being spiritual, being right, being mature, being perfect, being good, being normal, being sane or rational.

I can’t encourage you more fully, to allow yourself to let go of Who You Think You Are in this work.

Perhaps one of the biggest keys here is allowing ourselves to freely give a voice to the small, stuck, limited parts within.

So much of our own spiritual inner awareness can often block the releasing of these unconscious misbeliefs, because we don’t want to say things that aren’t true.

So I want to be clear about this right now: expressing from our emotions is NOT expressing our truth.

Who we are IS Love. And our truth is Love.

But in order to clear and release what’s been holding us back: our human limitations; expressing from our humanity can allow the Spirit to clear and heal us.

So when we give our feelings a voice, it is important to learn how to say what’s NOT TRUE!

For example, perhaps in a moment of anger – we just want to express: “I hate her, I just hate everyone... I hate everything!!!”

But that’s not the truth. I don’t hate anyone! I don’t hate everything. I just can’t say that?! 

We say it because we want to release it!!! And because we want it to lead us to the unconscious parts that in some way do believe that.

Or in a moment of sadness – we express: “There’s no use, there’s nothing to live for. I’m useless, a failure. I’m stupid.”

No I’d never say that, that’s so untrue!!! I know deep down I’m never useless. And I know that there are no failures really!!!

Of course that’s not your truth! But would you be willing to say what’s not true… to liberate any stuck energy, old hurts, old misbeliefs can be released from your energy field?!?!

It’s so important to let this stuck, repressed energy be released! And… it’s so important to remember that we are NOT here to be guided or led by our emotions – particularly our challenged ones.

We’re just here to allow them to guide us to the places where we don’t feel full, whole and completely loved.

We’re here to allow them to lead us to the unconscious places within that do buy into these lies: these misbeliefs.

Our emotions are perhaps the best tool we have to lead us to loving ourselves in the ways that we NEED in our life RIGHT NOW. And to help us release any of the misbeliefs or unconscious blocks, that hold us into patterns of unlovability.

Consider... that as we bring them into the Light, the Spirit starts working to clear and release them. And as we resist or deny them, they persist.

Another challenging distraction in this work is that when we are challenged – our mind or ego often gets fixated on solving or changing a situation in the world.

We FEEL to learn what we NEED to transform [ourselves within]:
NOT to fix, solve or transform anything [outside of ourselves].

In doing this work, it’s important to separate just for a time:

  • Healing ourselves within
  • Taking action in the world, in our relationships, outside of ourselves

When we are upset, and we want to take advantage of the opportunity that we have to release unconscious blocks and rewire any misbelief of lovability, back to who we are As Love – we do need to learn how to Let Go of Fixing, Solving, or Changing the world around us.

One of the easiest ways we can show up for the healing within that’s available, is moving our focus from our mind, our thoughts, the energy that is often found around our head – down into our body.

We can use our breath to help us be aware of being in our body so that we can feel the feelings that are accessed IN our body.

I encourage us in this work together, to remind ourselves that when we’re upset or out of balance, there IS a time to address what to do, and how to move forward in the world regarding this situation… but that is best handled SEPARATELY to the inner healing that might be on track for you.

I invite us all to consider, that maybe just like the seasons, our humanity is designed to fall apart, and then come together, to be whole once again. And to then fall apart, and then again be whole.

In allowing this emotional healing, do give yourself the gift of letting go of the world around you.

Your ego if it’s anything like mine, it will want to hold on to: “But I’m upset because…”

It won’t want to let go of focusing on the person you just had a fight with…

It won’t want you to let holding on to wanting to change the situation that triggered all of this challenge for you…

But in order to allow the healing that’s present… you will need to.

And the exercise we’ll all be doing in our Sacred7’s this week, will guide us in letting go of the outside world situation, so that we can most effectively access and express our feelings, as a way to release misbeliefs and heal unconscious blocks.

We DROP into our Humanity to LIFT more FULLY into Spirit

In my experience it is these experiences of DROPPING into our HUMANITY for HEALING that we align us MOST FULLY with the Spirit. Because we are able to clear our most challenging Unconscious Beliefs. [Remember we can’t actually be more Spirit, or do more Spirit, or achieve more Spirit… but we can powerfully love and release our human limitations… which DOES allow more Spirit into our lives.]

Again, if we connect to Rumi’s directive for us… which I empower us to take to heart: “Your task is NOT to seek for love, but merely to seek and find the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

I want to bring into context what we are REALLY doing when we DO drop into our human challenges, vulnerably, compassionately and lovingly.

Because while it IS my focus for 99% + of my time to LIFT into the positive uplifting perspective – it’s important that we don’t make this a RULE, or guideline for our life.

Because in my experience, it is actually those [less than 1% of] experiences – those moments that we choose to drop into our human perspective and FEEL our challenge, and be vulnerable and really give a voice to our hurt, our pain: our human limitation – it is in those moments that we actually have the power to align us MOST FULLY with the Spirit.

I can’t wait to dive in deeply with you all, for this vulnerable life-changing work.

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