Horses 🐴 , Huskies 🐺 and Huge Healing ❤️‍🩹

Oct 03, 2022

This morning I sat on the deck, while Kahlua the horse, and Fenix my husky did not leave my side as I cried and rewired a profound and pivotal moment from my childhood 🥲

More than ever I'm aware that there is a perfect timeline for healing.

There is no rushing this process.

Just as there is no rushing the seasons.

We all have seasons of creation, of fulfillment, of fruition... [of Summer 🍎]

And we all have seasons of feelings and falling apart [Fall 🍂]
... so we can rest and recharge [Winter ❄️]
... so we can release the old and open to the new... [Spring 🌷].

The fact that I'm going through Fall in the Fall... is not a coincidence. And I'm aware that so many of us are.

I received the following words in my Allowing Love 5 Steps Manifestation Meditation this morning...

"I am calling you darling to Be You... and to heal so you can Live More of You. This whole year, just focus on healing... ok?! Anything you get done is a bonus. Ok."

Healing is a life-long adventure...
calling us into greater and deeper and richer experiences of Loving.

I have healed many experiences in my life to completion.
So yes, I do believe that we can heal certain experiences til the point that we are purely and only grateful for them.
They feel clean and clear and sweet within.

And if I'm still breathing, I believe there are more opportunities ahead... for rewiring and healing parts of my humanity... and perhaps parts of my past.

The big experience that is coming into my conscious awareness recently, when I let myself really FEEL my everyday tiredness and not-enoughness... is a particular moment from my childhood: I have been sharing about it since early July, when I first published this story: My Mum didn’t do anything when I told her My StepDad...


It has always made so much SENSE to me intellectually... that having my Mum not do anything after I told her I was sexually abused... would have contributed to me:

  • hiding my needs, my feelings and my truth (because it's too painful to ask or share and be ignored... again)
  • obsessing about being perfect so that I might be lovable (and worthy of being protected and prioritized)...

I've known all of that INTELLECTUALLY or in my MIND... for years.

But over the last few months... it has continued to go from AWARENESS to integrated and completely expansive EXPERIENCE.

And that's WHY I just naturally and effortlessly finding myself boldly and bravely sharing my work more than ever before... in spontaneous moments that aren't planned or prepared in anyway.

Parts of me that used to hide and dim my Light finally feel safe enough to be SEEN! And celebrated! So Yay! 🎉

Here's something lovely I shared after my healing this morning. That's also related in a super helpful way.


If you resonate, in anyway, I encourage you to either start playing with, or keep playing with... the Feeling for Healing Guides 👇

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I love you.
I hope whatever season you find yourself in right now, that you're allowing it to have it's way with you. Relax, let go and allow yourself to enjoy it!

If you're being called to create... CREATE!
If you're being called to feel... FEEL!
If you're being called to rest... REST!

And if you're aware of many seasons in one day... aaahhh to be human! What a wild ride we are 🎢 ... keep letting go and trusting YOU ARE WHERE YOU NEED TO BE 😆 😃


And for those Fenix Fans out there...
here's some of our shenanigans from The Farm This Week 🐎 🐐 🐖

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