If you're curious why you need to Feel Your Dam Feelings?!

Feb 10, 2023

Can you imagine being denied to be an Ordained Minister because you were a woman? Being strung along in decades of 'training'...and denied...three times.

No one would blame you for having 'feelings' about that.

And it might be easier to get over it in your mind... after all we know that men aren't superior to women. We KNOW that. And we KNOW that experience does NOT define us or control us in anyway.

But when we've gone through traumatic experiences, energy (suppressed emotion or samskara) can get locked in the body that can then hold us back from experiencing the safety and alignment we do need to move forward in the ways we want to.

And I'm also so honored to share about my client's podcast. Yep she was denied her calling to be a Minister...and is right now bravely, boldly and freakin' beautifully showing up for her calling to share about Love, God, Mysticism and more through her life-changing podcast Mediocre Mystic.

"My coach, my friend, my soul sister Zoë gave me the gift of permission without limits to feel my damn feelings. Let me tell you, friends, if you do not do that it will leak out in other ways. Because I gave a voice to my feelings I was able to move forward with my healing not only knowing I wasn’t inferior to men, but believing it - which gives me greater confidence in the world to walk in my calling now. We talked it out a bit more, and then she guided me through a meditation that helped me come not only to a sense of growing worthiness, but a recognition of the calling that has always been inside of me."

I am so honored to share about my client's podcast Mediocre Mystic!

Yep she was denied her calling to be a Minister...but right now she is bravely, boldly and freakin' beautifully showing up for her calling to share about Love, God, Mysticism and more through her life-changing podcast Mediocre Mystic.

Follow Grace's podcast to listen to more of her inspiring story and be inspired by the mysterious ways of the mediocre. It's stunning. 

xoxo Zoë

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