Learning How to Allow the Spirit to Move You.

Oct 20, 2022
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Learning How to Allow the Spirit to Move You.

Taking Aligned Action – Allowing the Spirit to Move Us

A lot of people get confused that “Allowing Love” practices are only passive and don’t include taking action.

So today I wanted to share a part of the Immersion uncoaching experience that addresses taking action directly. Specifically HOW to allow action from Spirit, from Love, rather than moving from fear, lack and ego.

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Taking Aligned Action – Allowing the Spirit to Move Us

Action is of course an IMPORTANT part of HIGH INVOLVEMENT

The biggest distinction that we’re stepping into in this program, is moving with:
Spirit-led or Aligned action...
rather than:
Ego action that’s born out of lack, fear or limitation.


Frequency Before Action: Allowing the Spirit to Move Us.

It’s just common sense to take action when we’re connected and feeling FULL! Full in the frequency of our dream, our intention, of who we really are.

If we’re about to lead a meditation... are we connected and feeling FULL of peace?

If we’re about to ask someone out on a date... are we connected and feeling FULL of Love: Self-Love and Wholeness?

If we’re about to meet with a potential investor... are we connected and feeling FULL of abundance, of wealth, of our own inner gifts?

Abraham Hicks has a wonderful take on this:
“The rule of thumb is you never take action when there is negative emotion within you because it will always be counterproductive. Always talk to yourself until you feel better and then follow the inspired action that comes from that open valve.”

While I’m not a fan of absolutes, there is great wisdom there.

The way that it works for me, is to simply live the clear intention of: “Frequency before action.”

I heard that one morning during meditation. And as I heard it “Frequency before action”... I also experienced a clear and powerful sense of how powerful showing up in the frequency of what we want is! Perhaps even more powerful than the action itself 🤯⚡️ We can spin our wheels trying to figure out the perfect, proper and ‘right’ actions to take... and while we will be learning how to receive our actions through our intuition this month, you may not hear the angels singing and the clouds parting with every action you receive! And that’s more than ok!

As usual, we’re here to simply do the best that we can!

And to give you courage as you follow through on your actions, consider this:
Provided you’re taking action from an aligned frequency (from Love, Joy, Expansion... rather than Fear, Lack, Contraction)... the Spirit will be able to guide you, course-correct you, nudge and move you forward.

But if you stay at your desk, trying to figure out the perfect action plan, and never’s really hard for the Spirit to guide you from inaction.

I’ll say this perhaps every month throughout the ALI – “Spirit meets us at the point of our action.” That’s from John-Roger.

Ok so this example below is exaggerated – but it really brings home this spiritual principle.

If Jesus didn’t know how to get his word out there...didn’t know who to talk to...didn’t know how to get a spiritual revolution you think it would have mattered?!
My sense is NO!
The frequency of Loving, of Service, of Compassion would have worked through whatever actions he took... and that Loving and experience would have inspired greater support and cooperation from the world around him, and the Spiritual support within him.

So next we’re going to be talking about receiving the clarity and intuition for our actions for our Callings from Love, not Lack. But consider that we’re just here to do our best – perhaps
the specific actions we receive to do are less important than how we take action.

Following through and taking action from our frequency – from an experience in this present moment that’s aligned and full of our frequency – might be the most important thing to
focus on.


Action from Love, not Lack and Fear: Letting Go of Action from Ego

First, a word from my good friend the Dalai Lama:
“The more you are motivated by Love, the more fearless & free your action will be.”

Here are two examples of how we might move into action from Love vs Lack, just as a reference point for your consideration.

Example #1 – Action born from LOVE
I spend an hour doing whatever fills me with Love, with Spirit, with Joy. I allow myself to connect to the most amazing, expansive outcome for the action I’m going to take – and I FEEL it, I experience it, I charge every one of my cells with this frequency: with this energy of Love. From this frequency, I allow an intuitive action to come to me! I then take that aligned action.

Example #2 – Action born from LACK
I spend an hour sitting at my desk worrying, looking at my financials, past failures and disappointments. I’m trying hard to figure out the perfect thing to do, and how to not fuck up again.
From this feeling of lack and fear, I figure out an action to take.
I then take that action.

And just to be clear, it’s NOT the physical world components that are important here! YOU
might feel MORE connected and feeling your highest frequency when you’re sitting at your

What’s important is the energy, the feeling, the frequency you’re aware of within.

And... it is going to be helpful for you to be aware of what you can DO in the physical world that powerfully connects you and supports that.

As we continue to listen within and continue to receive our Calling – we will be asking Spirit for our aligned actions after our daily morning practice.

Next week we’ll also be designing our own Spiritual Board Meeting.

I have a spiritual board meeting most mornings. After my morning practice of meditation, using the Allowing.LoveTM 5 steps to connect me to a calling and my frequency for today – I then ask the Spirit for guidance for action for today.

It sounds fancy 🎩🍷.
But really it’s just one simple question that I ask after my morning practice. And it goes something like this (because the exact wording changes): What’s on track for me today?

If I have a big project coming up – I’ll often ask specific questions ABOUT THAT project.
If I have a work day with a lot scheduled and not much time for anything else – I’ll often ask: “Is there anything that’s on track I can to do today?”
If I have a work day without anything scheduled (i.e. I have a lot of decisions to make today regarding how I’m going to spend today) – I’ll often ask: “What are the most on track things
for me to complete today?” And I’ll often receive a list – and a very clear sense of what’s
important, and should be addressed first.

It’s amazing how ON and ALIGNED and PROFOUND the answers and actions that we get from within when we take the time to ask, to connect within and listen, and to receive.

And it may only take 1 minute! Or 5!

I like to use a specific journal to first write down my answers for my Allowing.LoveTM steps. Next, I write down my question(s) for my spiritual board meeting, and the answers that I

My big opportunity is in following through on the amazing intuition and wisdom I receive in the morning. I have NOT nailed that yet.

Leaning In: Incremental Steps Taken Consistently, with Compassion

We’ve been talking about leaning in a lot already. And I’ve shared this inspiration from my spiritual teacher John-Roger many times, and I’m going to share it again.

When we were planning his book events and workshops around the world, he would never come to us and say – “we’re going to go here, here, and here. Set it up.”

Rather he would so predictably say: “Let’s lean in to here, here, and here.”

This really changed the way I took action and made plans in my own world.

The challenge with living our life by leaning in – is that the ego can be challenged by this.

The ego is uncomfortable with uncertainty. It doesn’t like moving or taking action in uncertainty. It wants to take action in certainty. And so it creates its own false sense of certainty – i.e. “We’re going to go here, here, and here. And it’s going to be awesome.” It wants to know and it wants to control.

It likes to feel the certainty and confidence that comes with making clear decisions and then making it happen. That’s what the ego does best.

The problem is that the best decisions, and the best actions aren’t taken by our ego.

So while this is going to be uncomfortable, I’m encouraging us all to learn how to lean in. To receive information for today... and then take steps...small, incremental steps... lean in to nthat information... and be present, be aware, pay attention to the energy, the signs and the synchronicity we receive.

Throughout this program we’re going to be focused on TAKING ACTION! And I’m supporting all of us to awaken to how we each uniquely and personally take action from that full, overflowing experience of Spirit: of our highest frequency for what we want.

The Allowing.LoveTM practice really is profoundly designed to support you in taking action. And when coupled WITH a Spiritual Board Meeting... we find ourselves moving forward in courageous action towards our Calling!

Embracing Uncertainty: Living for the Journey, Not the Destination

We’ve already touched on how much our ego struggles with uncertainty and not being able to control, push and force a particular outcome.

So what can we do to take action when we feel uncertain about what we’re doing?!

How can we take those small steps and just lean in to our calling... before we FEEL super certain and completely lined up?!?

Well without sounding like a broken record... when we spend time connected with the inner experience of our dream / calling – i.e. Feeling the frequency of our dream / calling –– the more comfortable we will become in the uncertainty of our dreams.

When we are feeling the outcome of a dream or calling – we have to actively move our focus from the attachment to a physical world outcome, to the focus of the inner experience: the reality of what we want to experience within.

We move from I want this thing in the world... to: I want to feel this way... to: I FEEL this right now!

And in feeling the fulfillment, the happiness, the security of what we want... we are naturally more comfortable with showing up for our dreams... because we ALREADY HAVE

Psychiatrist and physician David R. Hawkins shares that regarding our humanity, our ego:
“Every activity or desire will reveal that the basic goal is to achieve a certain feeling. There are no other goals than to overcome fear and achieve happiness.”

Of course many teachers – both in Psychology and Spirituality share Dr. Hawkins’ view.

Abraham Hicks:
“The reason you want every single thing that you want, is because you think you will feel really good when you get there. But, if you don’t feel really good on your way to there, you can’t get there. You have to be satisfied with what-is while you’re reaching for

Robert Holden:
“Happiness is a way of traveling, and not a final destination.”

Deepak Chopra:
“Happiness seems to be the goal of all other goals.
If you ask people why they want what they want, the ultimate answer remains the same:
They believe that if they attain these things, they will be happy.”

If you want more courage to take risks, and you want to feel more comfortable in the uncertainty of this life – focus more on how you feel: on the energy and beliefs you show up in.

When we want something so badly, that tightness, that control, those attachments actually hold us back.

But it’s not easy to let go of the destination, of the outcome, and KEEP TAKING ACTION.

It can however become very easy if we continue to want the inner experience: the feeling of our dream. It’s ok to want the freedom – to want the happiness – to want the peace of mind.

That focus, that feeling, that experience WILL fuel you in taking action!

And the experience of being consistently called into action within PLUS consistently feeling our frequency – can result in Truly Courageous Action.

We’re here to do our best! To receive the calling from Spirit and to SHOW UP for them – to feel them and feel fueled and energized by them – and then allow this energy to move us forward... leaning in... in small incremental steps!!!



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