Letting Go of Spiritual Bypass

May 08, 2022


I used to spiritual bypass up the wazoooooo.

I didn’t want to deal with my uncomfortable emotions let alone my uncomfortable humanness.

I came into this world way more identified w the ease and Grace and ‘perfection’ of Spirit and this world felt sticky, overwhelming, complicated and pointless.

I know now that my process of grounding into my humanness, and really accepting and embracing this human being called Eric, has been one of my biggest opportunities….and that my timing, my slow landing into this world, was perfect for me as it is for all of us. I was super sensitive, shy, and may not have been able to handle a quicker, rougher landing. Either way, I now trust my life and how it was set up more than ever 🙂

I will say that one of the greatest gifts and supports I have had in being in this world and truly enjoying it, thriving, and loving it, has been the ego work, the world of the ‘lower’ levels, although I don’t even like calling them that as it sounds like they’re ‘less than.’

In many ways, it’s so easy to love our Soul, to love Spirit, to love Love and Perfection. But what about our humanness? This fragile, imperfect, ‘crazy’, ‘scarred’, sometimes or often out of balance, emotional, insecure, naive and flailing individualized being? Yes I exaggerated there 🙂 but how often do we focus on our mistakes vs our successes and learnings? It is the egos POV that is small and focuses on all these things. And then we find out that killin the ego is the ‘solution’ lol and there begins an unnecessary war with our beautiful imperfect self…that we originally chose into being!

So maybe I’m off tangent a bit. What I mean to say, is looking at my humanness in all ways, and really diving in and listening and loving my ‘lower’ levels (esp those which I least understand), has given me greater keys to being and living and standing in this world and serving than I ever could have imagined.

It’s not what I perceive as the ‘greatest’ of these that needs love, it’s the ‘least’ of these! That which I’ve judged the most, that which I’ve deemed as lesser, as not important, as messy as dirty…that which I’ve compartmentalized inside me and separated from the Divine.

The allowing and loving of my human nature has been the greatest gift I can give myself, and perhaps the greatest I can give the world. I no longer feel much separation of my human and my Whole Spirit. Every day, less and less. More and more, just Me.

And when I’m challenged, I get to dive in deep to the source and give myself all the love I need that I didn’t get and wasn’t giving myself, I get to be the one I’ve been looking for. I get to be GOD to my self. I get to remember my self to the Oneness.

And that’s the opportunity that I’m experiencing. To be fully human and Wholly Divine as One. As a ladder, a pillar, a light column though all of creation into the highest highs.

We don’t have to play in separation anymore. The ‘evil’ of today is enough…perhaps we’ve done that too ourselves long enough. We no longer need to focus on who we’re not, on what God isn’t, but just remember who we are and being that remembrance to all the parts that have forgotten, like a loving parent. Life is the ultimate lesson in parenting lol.

Again, off on a tangent. What I’m really trying to say is the value of the human work, which in many ways is the opportunity of the Christ Action. To know God/Soul/Love in the complete fullness here and now in the body, feet on the earth, eyes open, alive and present. To love it all. To see it all as the Love that it is. To Be the Living Love that we are. And that ALL of life is calling us into this greater remembrance.

Im so grateful for MSIA that’s helped me remember my Divinity, and to Zoe Lumiere and University of Santa Monica who’ve helped me remember my Divinity in my humanity and really anchor it.

Since Zoe and I got together, it’s been the loveliest dance of learning how to be human as she is a master at allowing and showing and embracing it. In the beginning, I just wanted to avoid it because it was so awkward and uncomfortable for me. Her willingness to show it triggered me big time until I started looking at my self. So I’m so grateful to have a master of allowing humanness, of allowing love into this humanity and world as my partner. She is a gift to me and the world. I am so grateful.

And it’s why I am excited to share the work we’ve been doing together, the opportunity of Allowing Love in greater and greater ways. The opportunity to show up as we are, supported, loved, embraced, acknowledged, whether we’re expressing the lowest or highest consciousness.

We get to be the one we’ve been looking for.

And so if you’re interested in having a space for your human and your Divinity, for showing up just as you are, and learning to love yourself and all of life in greater and more Graceful ways…

I invite you to check out the Allowing.Love Immersion Program, a 4 month foundational program of support and learning. To me, the tools we teach are simple and direct and some of the most graceful ways to work with ourselves over and over when shit hits the fan, when our karma/life lessons are up. And really it’s not just the tools but the container of loving, acceptance, patience and support that we provide. Everyone becomes a part of a beautiful, intimate family that is like the best life support ever.

And the 4-month program is just the beginning!!! Anyone who does that and learns the foundations of Allowing Love can continue in The Allowing Love Club, the weekly+ support meetings for as long as they want, for a lifetime even.

Support for being human and living in this world is support that we all need, and we want to make it accessible to all those who are willing and want to do this work.

I’m so glad that whether I knew it or not, I chose into this work when I married Zoe and it’s been one of the greatest blessings of my life. Now I get to share of the blessings by co-facilitating with her and sharing in the unique way that I Allow Love, that is so different and so perfectly complementary to hers.

If you have any interest, inspiration, curiosity, etc you can find out more info here, on Zoe’s website and by signing up for her mailing list or setting up a call. You can also reach out to me.

The Immersion Program

I love you all and am so grateful to share this with you. I just love all the ways we can learn and love together. There is so much great opportunity to awaken into the fullness of who we are.

The good thing is our awakening is guaranteed. I just know I’d rather live in Heaven on Earth now rather than later 🙂 The choice is yours…


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