Listen Up if 2023 is Kickin' Your Ass So Far...

Feb 03, 2023

Hi Friends!

I can't tell you how many clients, friends and others have shared with me How Freakin' Hard this year has been so far 😬

I love to share what I'm seeing across almost ALL of my 1on1 sessions, because it gives me a sense of the synchronicity and what is happening for us collectively.

If you're having a tough time right now You Are Not Alone.

[And of course astrologically it all makes perfect sense too!]

So here's what might help. 

Since Jan/Feb 2020 a massive shift has been taking place... and things will lighten this year. But until they do... I am encouraging myself, all my clients and YOU in the following:
This is a time of truly merging our conscious will with that of the Divine Will. The illusion of our own control is being lifted so that we can see we are here to accept, cooperate and flow... NOT move forward through force, power and control.

So quite simply, allow yourself to Be With and Allow Your Feelings... rather than do anything with them, or do anything to fix, solve or change your world right now.

Consider how you would treat a 5 year old that's just lost their favorite doll.

We can either treat that child as if they're irrational and not tolerate or allow their feelings and expression.

Or we can allow this child to simply feel what they're feeling, and we can Be With Them, hold them, simply love them. We can see there is nothing to fix. Nothing to do. Nothing to change. Dolls get lost. Life happens.

At this time we need to resist doing what humans become addicted to: when something is uncomfortable we jump into our analytical, rational mind and try to change, fix and solve. There is however nothing 'to solve' right now.

But you can Feel So Much Better, and truly see more clearly and cooperate more easily with the transition taking place if you'll just treat yourself and your feelings with unlimited and unconditional compassion. It doesn't matter WHY we're feeling the way we're feeling. It just matters that we are being kind, compassionate and loving of them.

So many of our conditioned patterns are being kicked up as they are being evolved, but that isn't a fun process. Just as when we clean out sediment at the bottom of a bucket, as we clarify and clean the water in that bucket, first it gets incredibly gross in there. It's NOT FUN.

As I was receiving the last paragraph, this image appeared in my consciousness, and I had to google it to unpack exactly what it mean, but here it is.

The vision I received just now was that of a snake shedding it's skin. And so I googled exactly how does a snake shed it's skin. I didn't know.

From the Iowa Dept of Natural Resources: 

"Just prior to shedding, the snake’s skin begins to turn bluish, and its eyes become opaque, hindering vision. Within a few days, the snake will rub its head on something abrasive—like a rock—to tear open the outer layer.
It then works on the tear, crawling through tight quarters, sliding out of the skin, leaving the old skin inside out much like a child peeling off a sock."

Our old human conditioning: our hold human aspects are in so many ways getting pulled from our consciousness and it's uncomfortable and disconcerting inside. 

Consider that in so many ways we're all getting upgraded energetically right now, and this is NOT a fun process. And what makes this process the most challenging, is that we don't know it's going on. And we don't consciously know WHY it's going on.

So the next time you're feeling antsy, anxious, or challenged inwardly in a way that doesn't make sense rationally... consider you're being rewired and there's nothing to fix, nothing to do, nothing to solve.

Just be kind and loving and hold for yourself.

There is actually no problem with feeling antsy or anxious... stubbing your toe is far worse. And the more you make space and have acceptance and kindness for your anxious feelings... the more easily and quickly they'll move through. 

I hope that helps! 

I love you all so much xooxox,

Notes for February 2023: 
I do have 2 openings for new 1on1 clients currently.
And I do have 3 spaces for a Sacred7 group coaching program starting February 23, 2023.
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