The 3 Top Things to Do if you wanna Fall in Love

Sep 09, 2022

Do These 3 Things to Fall in Love

If you’re called to find the one… to Allow the One into your life… we encourage and support these 3 things.

But perhaps MORE than these 3 things we’d encourage you to trust your heart, your own inner guidance and intuition.

But sometimes in an area where we have a lot of karma and or trauma… it can be hard to truly trust ourselves because the voice of our conditioning can drown out that small still voice of Love within.

And the absolutely glorious thing about these 3 things… is they will help and support absolutely anyone, anytime, have more Love in their life. So you can’t go wrong.

So… top 3 things you can do for Falling in Love…

1. Become aware of how you want to fall when you’re with your partner.
Do you feel adored, understood, inspired, connected, playful, free, courageous… ?!?!
Whatever that energy is… treat yourself, and relate to yourself as much as you can, with that energy.

2. Share more vulnerably with trusted loved ones. We can clear our karma and our conditioning as we allow the Love and caring of others more fully into our hearts. If you have big dreams or fears… (aaahhh which we all do…) share them more with a trusted friend or family. Being vulnerable and letting in the Loving support of others will help you clear your blocks.

3. Use any moment when you don’t feel the way you want… when you don’t feel seen, heard and loved… use as many of those as opportunities to See, Hear and Love yourself.
If a friend doesn’t text you back, and you feel small and unappreciated: show up for yourself the way you want! Wrap yourself in your own big love and share some appreciation with yourself.
If you feel misunderstood at work: give yourself that understanding, that compassion you need to yourself.

Let us know how it goes.

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