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Dec 18, 2022

Have you ever received more, when you've given less?

Some might call it grace. I call it letting go and letting Love. I call it allowing Love.

When we let go of what we think we should do...and Allow Love... when we Allow our Big, Bold, Brave Hearts to lead...we do open to greater abundance, spiritual support and more.

Unfortunately it's not a perfect, black-and-white, no-risk scientific formula.

Because it's not a formula at all. There is NO form to it. It's about letting go of the FORM.

And that's messy. And scary. And magical. And pure Spirit-in-action.

I have been sharing with clients and friends recently about how I have been diving into a deeper experiment of Allowing Love.

In short I've been doing what I want. Rather than what I think I should be doing.

I've been doing what my heart and my joy leads me into... moment to moment.

I have been letting go of focusing or planning for money or my business, and I have been waking up each morning and doing what I enjoy... and allowing myself to do what I want... not for my plans, for my business, or for making sure I'm making money.

And yes it's felt awesome in moments.

And completely terrifying in others.

So during this experiment this year I have:

  • Started drawing and painting and crafting.
  • Shared videos on instagram because my heart nudged me to, rather than they were 'on brand'.
  • Spent long days enjoying my dog, on a farm, and at home.
  • Felt so much LESS stress and anxiety.
  • Given myself so much time and resources to my own healing.
  • Worked a lot less.
  • Initially made a lot LESS money than previously... until recently
  • Received MORE abundance... while working less.

You see Eric my husband has this magical way of trusting the Universe will take care of him. And so for the first number of years we were together... he would walk around the house in the morning exclaiming "I love my life! I am so grateful for you, for our life! I love you so much!"

And his profound relaxation, joy and gratitude infuriated me.

Because he was exclaiming it usually at around 11am, after I'd already been working for a few hours, but he was still leisurely eating breakfast or doing meditation. He hadn't even started 'DOING' something for the day.

It would trigger me so deeply.

It would trigger my limiting pattern that was always saying: 'You've got to work hard to be successful. Zoë you've got to work harder. Zoë do MORE. Always MORE."

So when I saw Eric doing so much LESS. And NOT working hard... that would trigger me because that unconsciously in me feels so unsafe, so reckless. His freedom challenged my coping mechanism of control, and working hard.

So for the first couple of years that we were together I tried to change him. I was sure that my righteous fury and charged emotions meant that he was wrong and that he was threatening the security and abundance in our world.

But... eventually... I did get around to walking my own talk 😂  And in doing the Allowing Love healing work with my righteous fury and charged emotions... I was able to unpack and begin to heal the Little Zoë that learned to control and work hard as her way to cope and survive through a very challenging childhood.

So while this work and this transformation has been going on since we got together 8 years ago... I was ready to really take the training wheels and dive in this year.

Letting go of planning every last detail has been liberating and lovely.

Letting go of pushing myself hard in the morning was at first disconcerting, but is now delicious.

And letting go of having to always be building, growing my business, and making more and more money... has been the best gift I have ever given myself.

Someone asked me recently, but how do you know your healing work changes you for the better? Does it work?

And what was so incredibly present to me in that moment, is that this healing work has truly helped me also walk around the house, multiple times a day, deeply and genuinely feeling I am so grateful for my life. “I am just so in love with me, my husband, my husky and my life.”

I want to say thank-you to my husband in so many ways for inspiring and triggering me to let go… more and more and more.

And I want to say thank-you to each of you, for being here, for sharing this adventure however we do, and for receiving me.

If you have noticed that over the last couple of months I haven’t been emailing weekly.

I have truly given myself permission to let go of how I think my business should LOOK, in service to allowing what’s next.

So after a number of weeks relaxing and doing home stuff and a lot of drawing… I got my next assignment from Love: from my Soul or Authentic Self.

I have been creating the AllowingLove™ Dashboard. It’s all practices and processes, all meditations and methods in one place. So many of you have already signed up for free access. I can’t wait to share the first little bits of it January 9 on.

And with it, has come renewed excitement to do some free live events, that will lead into small paid deeper dives: like a 3-week class for intuition and alignment. And a 4-week class for self-healing. More to come after I’m back from Australia on January 9!

You can RSVP for these free events now.

And we are still intending to do our Next Immersion starting February 23, 2023… learn more here.

I love you. I’ll post some pics from Australia here soon. And hope to see you at our free events in January and February oxoxo. Always, Zoë

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