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Self-Love is NOT a Monthly Massage Aug 27, 2022

Self-Love is how we treat our fears and our feelings.

So many of us, not any of you I know... but others... are stuck in a rut of avoiding, denying and disconnecting from our fears and our...

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Breakdowns are just Breakthroughs Aug 20, 2022

The morning I had my photoshoot... I couldn't stop crying

True story.

It's hard to be seen. So hard. And it brings up fears, feelings and insecurities. 

The morning Lucia came over to do my...

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Energetic Discernment: Learning how to navigate challenging times with vulnerability and courage Aug 11, 2022

I used to be an expert at 'Spiritual Bypass'.

And it held me back from relationships, from real intimacy, and from having the courage to show up in the world with big, brave dreams.

Like a heart...

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The 5 Steps are 5 Years Old Aug 11, 2022

I have been doing the 5 steps as a personal practice for almost 10 years, but it was because a client of mine was hit by a bus, and critically injured, that I initially made them into an audio...

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The Lumieres
The Feel Your Dreams Real Meditation
The Feel Your Dreams Real Meditation Aug 05, 2022

How Neuroplasticity is now proving the power of Spiritual Manifestation

A first simple step we can take in allowing what we want more of in our lives, is to simply focus on it. And that sounds...

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I Felt His Arms Around Me Before I Knew Him… Aug 04, 2022

I Felt His Arms Around Me Maybe 100 times or more… Before I met my husband

Ok get ready, ‘cause I think that this might be the cheesiest story I have.

It might be the cheesiest, but...

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The Lumieres
The Advanced 5 Steps Meditation
The Advanced 5 Steps Meditation Jul 30, 2022

11-Minute Meditation for Receiving Your Calling and Moving on What Matters Most

In Allowing.Love™ we use the word Calling in a different way.

Rather than 'Your Calling' being purely a...

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From Diet Pills and Self-Loathing... to Peace and Possibility Jul 27, 2022

Can Anyone Else Relate to Being Afraid to Post on Social Media?!

So many people have asked me over the years why I was not putting myself out there more on social media, doing videos, etc and the...

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I am the least qualified person to talk to you about intuition... Jul 21, 2022

If I can Live Intuitively... anyone can

Do you relate to yourself as intuitive?! Ok you may have heard that everyone has access to their own intuition and 100% I believe that to be true... but do...

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Awakening Intuition • 1-Hour Video Training intuition spiritual manifestation Jul 18, 2022

Dive into the 1-Hour Video Training for Awakening Your Own Unique Wisdom

We're excited to offer to you this week, the 1-Hour Video Training for Awakening Your Own Unique Intuition, Inner Knowing...

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Aligning Your Week with One Clear Intention Jul 14, 2022

Invest 10 minutes into THIS experience on Mondays.

If we had only 10 minutes a week to focus on our calling, our dreams and on the big important questions in life... we would do this One Exercise.

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My Mum didn’t do anything when I told her My StepDad… Jul 05, 2022

I was sexually abused when I was a child, and I told my Mum, and she said we’d talk about it the next day, and we never did.

I’ve never shared this story before. I’ve never wanted...

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Rewiring Coping Mechanisms Jul 03, 2022

The 4 Steps for Rewiring Coping Mechanisms

I’m going to try and share about the process that I use to transform our dysfunctional patterns and our emotional challenges, into deep healing,...

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Clarify Your Heartfelt Dreams & Sacred Contracts Jun 29, 2022

How to Clarify Your Heartfelt Dreams & Sacred Contracts

Consider that the only reason we have things to do, dreams to pursue and many callings to live… is so that we will learn how to...

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I can’t believe Fenix now has 2Million Friends on TikTok Jun 22, 2022

I really believe that if we follow our joy, what just makes us come alive and so very happy… that great manifestation and abundance follows that.

And it’s not a perfect science of...

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From Admiring Others to Claiming Your Own Gifts clearing your limitations live your calling spiritual gifts Jun 12, 2022


We find it hard to see the beauty and the gifts that WE have, but it can be SO easy to see and appreciate in OTHERS!

This experience will help you clear some of the judgments and criticisms...

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What does it mean to Allow?™ basics living your calling spiritual manifestation Jun 04, 2022


Let’s talk a little about Allowing.

Allowing is like Letting Go AND Letting God.
Allowing is accepting what is and cooperating with it so fully that aligned action and spiritual support...

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What are the 5 Steps of Spiritual Manifestation? May 29, 2022


Step 1. Ask & Awaken

Ask & Awaken is based on the idea that “we have not, because we ask not”. This is found in many spiritual traditions throughout the ages.

In the 5...

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What's the Science Behind Allowing.Love™? May 22, 2022


NeuroScience & Brain Plasticity

When we focus for a period of time in a visualized AND emotionalized experience, we activate the Reticular Activating System: a bundle of nerves at our...

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Eric's 7 Keys for Loving Partnership eric lumiere falling in love self healing May 22, 2022


It's been a while. I'm being called inside to share more and more of the Love within me that's not just through music but also stories and awarenesses.

There's a lot of new music in the...

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Letting Go of Spiritual Bypass clearing your blocks eric lumiere living your calling May 08, 2022


I used to spiritual bypass up the wazoooooo.

I didn’t want to deal with my uncomfortable emotions let alone my uncomfortable humanness.

I came into this world way more identified w the...

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