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Eric Lumiere is a renown recording artist and songwriter with numerous accolades including UK, NL, CH top 40 songs, a Swiss Music Award Nomination and over 100 million streams of his songs on Spotify. Mostly he is known for his work as a dance music singer/topliner who first came onto the scene when his NYU classmate (Bo Pericic of Filo & Peri) asked to do a Trance version of his acoustic song “Anthem”, a homework assignment from songwriting class. The song debuted at #38 on the UK top 100 and hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Airplay chart and top positions in other countries across Europe.

After years of focusing on dance and pop music as a feat. artist and songwriter, Eric is expanding his music and coaching (he coaches with his wife Zoe) to include more aspects of Spirituality that have given him such a fulfilling and powerful perspective on life.

Coincidently, his intention with music and his life has always been to share Love + Light; to uplift, inspire, and move people, and he is so grateful that he can share these beautiful qualities and experiences through music and all he does.

Eric knows the power of music in his own life and knows that sharing our human experience and connecting with each other through music and any form is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

If you'd like to collaborate or get in touch with Eric, you can contact him at [email protected]


"Eric Lumiere’s musical talent is both transcendent and radiant. Whenever I listen to Eric’s music, I experience an inner peace and uplifting connection to my own self. This was especially true when I was going through a challenging time in my life. I popped Eric’s music on in my car and for that 3 hour ride, Eric’s soulful melodies and lyrics offered me great nurturing and support. He is a talent for all the world to enjoy." - Nick S.

I just listened to the entire album. You described it well—vulnerable, powerful, personal, and I’d also say universal. You’re communicating a deep part of the human experience, that is sometimes painful yet coming from a place of caring, compassion, connection, love and loving...Your music can reawaken those higher qualities, what Lincoln called the better angels of human nature." - Terry T.

"Eric's music can touch the Soul. His voice brings a quality to heal and open the heart. His sound encompasses me and I feel uplifted." - Nathalie F.

14 Million Streams

12 Million Streams

Swiss Music Award Nominee 3 Million Streams

5 Million Streams

6 Million Streams

3.5 Million Streams

5 Million Streams

10 Million Streams

Produced, Co-written + Mixed

Produced, Co-written + Mixed Swiss Radio Top 20