Hi! I'm Fenix!

I'm on a mission to make the world
a Hap-py Hap-py Place.

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This is why I'm on a mission to help humans be happy...

I was abandoned because I have a brain disorder 🧠 

I was almost killed because I have 'special needs' 💉 

But it's because of my brain disorder and my special needs that I have learned How to Have a Happy Life!!!

You might not have a brain disorder...
but We all Have Challenges!

We ALL feel Alone, and Different and Disabled sometimes.

So if you're ready...
I'm gonna show you How to Overcome All Your Challenges and Be Happy like Me!

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How I Help Humans! 

With just a little help from my own human Mum Dr. Zoë Lumiere...
I share Happy Coaching Hacks that help you turn your everyday challenges in life...
into more Love, Courage and Compassion!

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It's not easy to show up in Courageous Love, Compassion & Kindness when life deals us a blow 🥊 ...
ut it is these moments in life that show us How to Heal, and How to Be Happy.

It's not always easy, but if dogs can do it ...
then we can too!

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Fenix' 7
Happy Hacks
for a Life
of Happiness,
Abundance &


Let Me Show You How...

Start Your Day Intending the Life You Choose

 Ever watched a dog and it's ball... that's called a clear intention. I'm going to show you how to start your days and weeks not with goals, but intention! #ChooseHappiness

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It's the Basics that Create Health & Wealth

Need a life coach to help you focus on the basics so you can be healthy, wealthy and happy?! Learn how to have more energy, clarity and joy in your life! #HealthyisHappy

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Stop Being So Hard on Yourself!

You work so hard to make everyone else around you happy that you can be mean, critical and hard on yourself! We can't be Kind to others until we're Kind to ourselves.  #WildSelfLove

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Happiness is Always NOW!

Learn practical methods for mindfulness and living with greater meaning and purpose. Let us dogs show you how to enjoy the present moment! #BePresent

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There is No Happiness without Vulnerability

It's ok to have needs and fears and feelings. We all do! I'm going to show you how your 'Special Needs' & Challenges are your Super Powers.  #BeBrave #BeVulnerable

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You Gotta Let Go a Little...or a LOT!

It's truly weird how you humans don't let yourselves do what you love more. Letting yourself play is critical to creativity, having energy and your best instincts for success. #PlayMore

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Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.

You're gonna see your life more clearly, and feel all the Love in your heart more fully. The key to happiness is letting yourself FEEL how FULL your life is right now.  #BeGrateful

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Shot Gun!

We're a Life Coaching Family ðŸ¡

Mum is a Life Coach and Spiritual Psychologist. She's an emotional healing expert. I spend most of my days in her office supporting people heal and get happy.  ❤️

Meet Mum, Dr. Zoë Lumiere

Dad is a Life Coach, Musician and Meditation Teacher. He makes happy and healing songs, and leads guided meditations. We're making an album together.  🎸

Meet Dad, Eric Lumiere

True happiness
comes from Love, Compassion and Kindness. 


Look! I'm Making Headlines...

Fenix' Story of Overcoming

I Have Cerebellar Hypoplasia ðŸŽ 

I was born with a neurological (brain) disorder that affects my coordination and balance. It's what gives me my awesome ability to Prance like a Pony!

It doesn't hurt. I have full life expectancy. And I am perfect just as I am.

I'm here to show the world that our differences and our challenges aren't here to hold us back! Our challenges in life are here to grow us into more Love, More Courage, and More Compassion.

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I Just Needed Someone to Believe in Me â›‘

I was very close to being put down ... before I was saved by I Stand with My Pack – a Dog Rescue in California. Aleks and the whole crew at I Stand with My Pack believed in me. They knew that with enough love, the right veterinary care, and the financial support of a small village... that I had a whole life left to live. They paid more than $4,000 in vet bills ... just for me! And they rescue thousands of dogs every year ad then find forever homes for us!

So now I have a way I give back every month to Dog Rescues.

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