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Giving Back

I give 50% of everything I make (coaching humans) to Dog Rescues.

My goal is to donate $1000 every month to a Dog Rescue... but I need more humans to coach in order to meet my goal.

If you join my $7/month Happy Coaching Program – you'll get to nominate and vote for which Dog Rescue we donate to... Every Month!

But My Real Mission is to Give You Super Powers

My real mission is to show you that your 'Special Needs' are here to help you find your true Super Powers of Courage, Compassion and Love.

I've been watching you humans. You all have challenges. You all have fears. You all have your own 'Special Needs'.

But unlike dogs... you resist being vulnerable. You think sharing your needs and your challenges makes you weak... but it's the opposite. I'm here to show you being vulnerable is the bravest thing we can do.

And rather than being kind and compassionate to yourselves when you're down or feeling not enough... you push, pressure and punish yourselves. Many of you ARE very kind to each other, but you need to learn how to be kind To Yourself!

So that's why (with just a little help from  Mum and Dad) I want to coach you to truly be happier. 

And I know it sounds naive (another thing us dogs need to teach you it's ok to be)... but by making just one more beautiful human just a little happier... I am making the world a happier place. And maybe if I can support enough of you humans... maybe together we'll make some real changes around here.

I really hope you'll join me. 

Join Me. The first month is free.