Clarify Your Path 
Clear Your Blocks

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The Immersion
A 4-Month Uncoaching Program

Greater Clarity & Inner Knowing

Learn how to access your intention and clear inner knowing and more.

Heal Your Blocks & Limiting Patterns

Learn life-changing techniques for clearing unconscious blocks and limiting patterns.

Allow Your Gifts & Greatness to Radiate

Awaken more fully to your innate gifts and what your'e called to share.


People are falling in Love... 

"I have found the love of my life..."

– Rachel's Story

"I'm Engaged. Before this I was in lack and smallness..."

– Linda's Story

"I'm blown away by how this has all transpired..."

– Paige's Story

"The 5 Steps brought me my Soul mate..."

– Julia's Story
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People are Doing what they Love... 

"Truly awed by the results...I have received true miracles"

– Bea's Story

"I've been able to move forward and release fear"

– Maree's Story

"Now I run my own business and I love it."

– Lucia's Story

"I went from not even having an idea to 3 staff..."

– Shannon's Story
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People are Allowing Love... 

"All these things are coming TO's amazing"

– Theresa's Story

"In only 10 minutes I'm able to manifest such clarity"

– Tim's Story

"Helped me find clarity...and trust my inner guidance"

– Brenda-Li's Story

"Great realizations and a profound experience."

– Simon's Story
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Are You Ready To... 

Live Your Calling

Are you ready to share more, create more, to live more of your gifts and dreams? Get ready to be bold and live your calling. 

Love Your Challenges 

Self-Love is not a massage and a pedicure. It's having love and compassion for ourselves when we are challenged.

Fall More Into Love

Who we are IS Love. Self-loving, self-honoring and self-compassionate behavior creates a life we adore, inside and out.

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Meet Your Facilitators
Dr. Zoë & Eric Lumiere


Dr. Zoë Lumiere has a Doctorate in Spiritual Science, a Masters in Spiritual Psychology with a Advanced Concentration in Consciousness, Health and Healing. Zoë has worked with thousands of clients in her private practice, both 1-on-1 and in group programs.

Zoë married Eric in 2015. Since that time Eric has become her number 1 support. Recently also graduating in Spiritual Psychology, and with an extensive background in healing through sound and music, Eric brings to Allowing.Love™ his spiritual gifts and healing abilities.

Together Zoë & Eric make an unconditionally loving and safe space for the Immersion Program to support, empower and springboard participants into greater Love and Life.

We can't wait to be with you 🤗 

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Download PDF for Full Details 👆 

We can choose courage
or we can choose comfort,
but we can't have both.
Not at the same time.



What People Have to Say... 

I healed my relationship with my boyfriend... into something I never thought was possible.

Now we're creating together and living our dreams together. Yes our relationship is 100 x better because I've healed and cleared so much of my childhood pain that was affecting how I was perceiving everything. 

But now we're boldly and bravely creating and living our big dreams. 

 – MARCIA SONDEIJKER, The Netherlands

I experienced expansion in all areas of my life.

It was important to touch in to the energy every week, just centering with yourself, supported by others in the same mindset. It was also incredible to use this time to get closer to Marcia, and to fall more in love with me, and my partner.

 – ROEL RATS, The Netherlands

Nobody wants to fix you...that is really rare.

"(In the program)... nobody wants to fix you.

It's just a space for you to be with whatever's going on... and those answers come from within. I think that having a space like that is really rare out here in the world."


I felt humungous shifts so many times doing inner child exercises.

I had lived so long in a world of hatred for myself. So to be able to know that I am worthy of being on this planet and I am worthy of living this life is everything.
I felt humungous shifts so many times doing inner child exercises. And now I'm able to tap into the source of my negativity and continue to heal and shift. I feel like so much stronger in who I am now, and I just feel so much more powerful and bold. I'm living the life I do adore.

 – AMELIA MOUTON, Colorado

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Ready to Let Go?

In the Immersion We Learn How to:

• Let go of playing small, feeling stuck, and sabotaging Self. 

• Release worry, overthinking, fear, anxiety & negative emotion.
• Clear the  unconscious blocks & old conditioning holding you back.

The Next Immersion
Starts February 2023...
But You Can Dive In Now!

Get Rollin' in October

We dive into BONUS Coaching Calls from October... so get rollin'... sooner rather than later. 

Save by Enrolling Early

Save up to 30% by enrolling early, plus get bonus coaching calls from October through February!

The Adventure Starts Now

Enroll now and dive into 3 Bonus Courses to help you hit the ground flying! [Valued $450]

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Save 33% Until Midnight on July 26, 2022 PT

We want to reward you for using some of your Summer for Healing. 
It's Brave, Bold and Beautiful... like you.


Pay in Full by July 26

$990 [Usually $1477]


  • Full Immersion Program [value $1477]
  • Receive LoveClub Membership for 4 months [value $388]
  • Receive Full Dashboard Access [Value $483]

Start Monthly Payments by July 26

$253/m [Usually $377]


  • Full Immersion Program [value $1477]
  • Receive LoveClub Membership for 4 months [value $388]
  • Receive Full Dashboard Access [Value $483]

An Investment
for the Rest of Your Life

Clarify Your Path and Clear Your Blocks.
Learn to Master Intuition, Spiritual Manifestation and Self-Healing.
Live Your Highest Life.

Apply by June 30

Complete your application by June 30 and you will qualify for the Dolphin Early Rate. 


[x 4 monthly payments]

Enroll by July 11 

Regular Tuition is our Couch Rate. Sit back, relax and sign up when you're ready.


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The Immersion
Is For You If:

• You have gifts, work and Love you want to share more with the world
• You have past life challenges that seem to be holding you back
• You know you need to be more vulnerable and connected with others
• You're ready to live and love more, boldly, vulnerably, fully
• You're aware of patterns or addictions keeping you small and safe
• You want to make a difference on this planet and you know now is the time

If This Describes You... 
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No bird can fly
without opening its wings,
and no one can love
without exposing their hearts.


Support That's Gonna Blow Your Mind 🤯 

When we are Seen, Acknowledged, Love and Celebrated the way we deserve... something happens.

We trust ourselves. We trust Our Hearts.
And we let go of the smallness and limits of our "mind"...It's truly mind-blowing 😉 

Meet Your Immersion Coaching Team

Dr. Zoë Lumiere
Lead Facilitator

Zoë has a Doctorate in Spiritual Science, Masters in Spiritual Psychology and Consciousness Health & Healing.

She is a master at supporting people through their blocks and trauma, and into their Gifts and Greatness.

More About Zoë

Eric Lumiere
Lead Facilitator

Eric Lumiere is a Singer/Songwriter, Meditation Teacher, and Lead Coach of Allowing.Love™.

Eric brings a unique and angelic perspective to the program, because of his unique karmic flow and human experience.

More About Eric

What have you got to lose?

Except a whole lotta fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs?!

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More from Past Participants... 

It is not easy to encapsulate in a few words all the benefits and immense healing and support that this program offers.

This program offers a remarkable opportunity to heal and connect with the wisdom inside, reframe issues and empower ourselves, and allow love, no matter what. I love that this program is designed to last four months because change doesn't happen overnight.  It allows you to work on your process of awareness and healing profoundly.

 – OFELIA MANCERA, California

Gentleness, kindness and truth. These are the life paths that this program opened for me.

Such a loving and caring group. Every session helped me soften and heal my fears. I learned new ways to trust myself and let go of self-doubt.


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