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This isn't traditional life-coaching. And it's not therapy.
It's just the best of both of those disciplines, in a unique spiritual approach that is grounded in human compassion and vulnerability.
1on1 support is recommended for anyone with childhood trauma.

Healing Coaching with Dr. Zoë Lumiere
Healing Coaching with Melissa Kid
Spiritual Coaching with Eric Lumiere

Music & 

Eric's music and meditations are designed to lift you, and lighten your load.
Learn how to clear your energy field with music and meditation, so that you can be clear and courageous with your life.

Eric's Music of Spirit & Love
Eric's Meditations
Eric's Monthly Musings


Enjoy the loving support of a group program.
Live Your Calling, Clear Your Fears, and do more with the powerful support of an unconditionally loving community.

FREE Monday Calls
In Person Workshops & Retreats
Sacred7 Group Programs


This is the perfect solution for people that know they want support, but don't want to be told what to do.  Let Fenix the dog with the most adorable brain disorder you've ever seen be #YourHappyCoach.

Free Weekly Email from Fenix
Daily Email Coaching from Fenix & Dr. Zoë


Powerful guided experiences via on demand video for:
Living Your Calling • Clearing Your Blocks • Falling In Love
Awakening Intuition • Self Healing • Spiritual Manifestation

1-Hour Awakening Intuition Video Training
1-Hour Self-Healing Miracles Video Training
4-Hour Spiritual Manifestation Mastery Video Training
All Healing & Self-Love Training
All Intuition & Spiritual Manifestation Training